The Children's College Inc.

Observe, Wonder & Learn

      February 2018

Themes of the Month: Friendship, Feelings & The Winter Olympics!

Friendship in preschool--it's all about the friends! This month we will again be exploring friendships and how a friend acts and behaves. And Yes--it IS ok to have more than ONE friend! The preschool years are filled with emotional outbursts, and tears, temper tantrums and even shyness. We will be focusing on recognizing, identifying feelings and giving strategies for dealing with them in constructive ways. We will again be bringing in sign language to help with expressing these emotions.

The Winter Olympics will start on February 9th – as the TCC team we will be watching and exploring this major international sporting event. Get ready to get involved too!! 

Important Reminders

 Reminder: Pay attention to the health care policy: If your child is sick &/or has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher PLEASE keep them home.

WE go outside just about every day Please make sure your child has a winter coat, snow pants, boots, mittens and a hat.

If your child is sick &/or has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher PLEASE keep them home.

Visitors and Special Events

Wednesday, February 14th - Friendship Party!

Please send in enough Valentine cards (with your child’s name inside) for your child to hand out to 24 children. Please do not address the envelopes, however, so that your child can hand them out themselves.   This event is very exciting day for preschoolers who are just learning how to make friends and play cooperatively with them. It is also a chance for them to learn the value of giving to others through giving cards to their friends. You may also send in cards if your child attends on another day and we will help them distribute them.

Thursday, February 15th 

Sarah Daley from Project Play will be coming to visit with us!!!

Don't forget about our reading program - bring in your hearts to get a free book!! :)