The Children's College Inc.

Observe, Wonder & Learn

Daily Schedule

7:15 Open bathroom and tooth brushing

8:15 Structured Child directed activities


8:40 Outdoor free play

9:15 Morning snack

9:30 Morning Meeting / Circle Time

        Story, calendar, jobs and introduction of day

9:45 Creative Activities

        Project, story, visitor and extras (photos, videos, objects)

10:15 Learning Centers & Free Play

10:45 Pre-K time

11:15 Outdoor free play

11:45  Music and movement

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Rest time routine 

          (clean up, bathroom, story, independent reading)

1:00 Lights out (2:15 mat activity, 2:30 table activity, bathroom)

2:45 Quiet Teacher directed activity

3:00 Lights on

3:15 Afternoon snack

3:30 Outdoor free play

4:45 Indoors (stories, table games, and limited centers)

5:15 Closed

*This schedule is not concrete. It serves as a general guide and may change as needed.*

Learning through Play

(Daily activities and their key benefits)

CIRCLE TIME: Social skills, critical thinking, inclusion, taking turns, focus, and attention.

OUTDOOR/GYM TIME: Exercise, strength and coordination, and enhanced imagination.

TABLE TOYS: Small-muscle development, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving.

ART: Creativity, fine-motor skills, and reinforcement of basic concepts (i.e. colors).

DRAMATIC PLAY: Self-esteem, imagination, and practice of life skills.

MUSIC: Listening skills, self-expression, and exploration of sound, pattern, and rhythm.

SCIENCE: Observation, exploration, and experimentation.

SENSORY PLAY: Math, science, and language, and exploration of textures and substances.

BLOCKS: Problem solving, organization, cause-and-effect, and spatial relationships.

STORYTIME: Expansion of vocabulary and general knowledge, and enhanced comprehension.